LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tearing down monuments doesn’t change past

By Frances Rice

I never cease to be appalled when I hear of some misguided soul calls for a statue of one of our deceased presidents to be dismantled and moved.

How many years has President McKinley’s statue been standing in Arcata, Calif.? By the same token why all of a sudden has so many statues and flags, all of them in years that many lives were lost while trying to gain freedom for we people that would follow them. Makes one wonder where these people were when they were supposed to be studying about our presidents and the history that was taught in our schools.

Just because the statues are torn down doesn’t erase the history we all studied in school. Just because there is no history being taught in schools today doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Just who do you people think fought in World War I and II?

I wonder just how our retired warriors feel about the way people don’t think it happened then. I remember that General Eisenhower said take all the pictures because the later generations will say it never happened. He was so right.

Oh I know of the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” Got news for you, just because the statues are down won’t take the memory of wars or presidents. Please see that your children know that someone fought and died for our America and it is our job to keep it livable until the end of time. Thank you.

Frances Rice