LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sign the Petition Odessans

By Kirk Edwards Odessa

Over the next five days, Monday to Friday, several Odessa businesses have agreed to allow Odessa voters to come into their businesses and sign a petition which will simply instruct the City Council of Odessa to hold an election in May. The voters can then decide to allow the mayor to vote on Council matters (which he cannot right now) and also allow for an at large city council position to be created.

These businesses can be found on the web site www.odessaforward.com or you can find them in an ad we are running in the Odessa American each day starting today. You will also notice that the businesses are spread out all over Odessa in each City Council district, but especially districts 1,3 and 5. The sign up will only be this week so please find one of these businesses and go in.

Let’s all get together to show certain City Council members that Odessa does indeed want this election held and we also want the right to have other voices heard on the City Council that will not be demeaning of people giving back to our community or trying to make it better. The more people that sign the petition, the better a message we can send the City Council.

Please pass the word around and thank the businesses that are doing this when you can. It is very important for Odessa to move forward from this terrible, embarrassing place certain council members have taken us. We can do this Odessa, we have to do this!