By E. R. Edmondson Odessa

We are again being bombarded by cars and trucks from the 50 states. It is no longer safe to leave home in a car or on a bike or a motorcycle and walking is also dangerous at times. The body shops in Odessa are crowded and it takes months to get a car fixed. What is the cause of this?

First of all the Odessa City Fathers are allowing 18 wheelers on city streets in Odessa. There never was a problem when they only allowed 10 wheelers to deliver their goods. Second, we no longer teach Driver’s Education in schools or at OC or with independent firms. Thirdly, we allow people to drive who either don’t know the traffic light system or how to read the word stop. It is also quite clear that they do not know or understand the driving laws in the State of Texas. So, who allowed them to get their driver’s license outside of Texas as well as in Texas?

In Australia if a driver gets a DWI, he is not allowed a driver’s license again and has to find another mode of transportation. Some people are even forced to move closer to their jobs when they no longer can drive. In the US there are really no limits as to how many DWIs a person gets. Jail time would be a good way to help change the new traffic law on DWIs. And, some new laws about running red lights and stop signs and serving jail time would also help to stop the chaos that is now running amuck on the streets of Odessa.