LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Residents should have been notified of blast

I live in Lawndale just north of the open area between Schlemeyer Field and 86th Street. Today (22 October) just after 2:00 PM, a serious shockwave passed through our home foundation, closely followed by the noise of an explosion. I went outside, walked South through the 86th street intersection, when I noticed a large cloud of dust to the West being carried north by a gentle breeze. I continued to the South alley paralleling 86th street, then headed West to determine the origin site of the blast.

When I got to the now-dismantled corral, I moved South into the large area, once again under active improvement. I learned from one of those men they had blasted with dynamite. I explained it would have been a good idea to have the local populous informed via radio and TV before they blasted. He told me they had notified the Sheriff’s Office and County Commissioners of the blasting before hand.

On my way back home, my County Commissioner, Mike Gardner drove up to my neighbor and I. I asked him why the local populace wasn’t informed ahead of time of the blasting? He responded that he had just learned of it 30 minutes prior! We discussed the severity of the shock and what that may mean as far as water line leaks, sewer line leaks, damaged slab foundations, floor tiles knocked loose, etc.

He said the City would have to fix those things. I expressed that the blasters, not City tax payers, should pay those repairs.

—But hey, don’t notify via radio/TV. I’m sure the blasters didn’t know they were going to blast.

Douglass Moss