LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pray for common sense

A pox on both the Democratic and Republican members of Congress. They were elected to represent the American people and they invoke the name of the American people in all their rhetoric, but I don’t believe they currently are representing the American people but rather the positions their party has taken on the issues and there are so many and in many ways they are so wrong in what they want to do particularyly with social legislation. We are about to enter a new federal fiscal year and they can’t agree on a budget. Given all the spending that is taking place, the debt ceiling is fast approaching and they can’t agree on raising it to meet current obligations. They can’t agree on police reform that needs to be done to protect both the public and the police. They can’t agree on infrastructure that is badly needed because it has been put off so long. Look at the border crisis and immigration reform that is so badly needed. Look at the bickering on how to handle the pandemic. Look at our world standing because of the pullout of Afghanistan. Look at the speed with which some want to change the way we drive and heat our homes to combat climate change, which is real. Common sense says you don’t change until you have something in place to take care of the needs. Rather than look at ways to tax the rich and corporations, they could raise the funds needed by closing the loopholes in the current tax laws. If they do raise taxes, the rich and the corporations will figure out how to avoid the increases or simply pass them onto us ordinary citizens. Since when can a minority of House Representatives, the Progressives, hold the House hostage? If the moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans get together they can in fact pass common sense legislation that will benefit us all. That is my prayer each night that common sense will prevail, but I have my doubts.

Charles Cotten