LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politics didn’t start with Trump term

By George Pitts Fort Stockton

During Obama’s two terms the Justice Department became politicized, and the CIA also; so was the IRS. The EPA and the BLM were also politicized, plus the US Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, our federal judiciary was politicized (the district courts, the appellate courts and the Supreme Court).

Have I forgotten any other agencies of the federal government who abandoned their neutral position and became dictatorial arms of the democrat party?

Of course, last, but not least, the FBI decided to sleep in Obama’s and Hillary’s bed.

The FBI is our federal police. The FBI has protected powerful Democrat party elites from prosecution who clearly have committed serious crimes. If the FBI can exonerate powerful guilty parties and elites, what can they do to you and I if powerful influential people sic them on us? They can kick your or my door down at midnight and have us away in chains!

Our republic and our freedom are in grave danger. If Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Peter Strzok and others are not prosecuted and punished, then we might have a country, but no longer a free country!