LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police don’t randomly kill citizens

The Democrats, and liberals in general, are still making a lot of noise about how police are murdering black people, and claiming that the numbers are astronomical. However, that is absolutely not true.

According to statistics from the Manhattan Institute, total police killings of whites from 2017 to 2021, so far, total 1805 people. The number of blacks killed by police in that same time period total 979.

That’s slightly more than half.

While unfortunate, one must look at some other figures. Blacks make up only approximately 13% of the U.S. population, yet they commit approximately 39% of the crimes. Also, consider that blacks tend to resist arrest more often than do whites. Obviously, this leads to more violent confrontations. So, police are not just indiscriminately murdering black people. They are mostly just protecting themselves.

However, these facts do not fit the narrative of the progressive left, so they play up any shooting of a black by a police officer as if it was an epidemic.

One other statistic also figures into this situation. By age 23, 49.4 percent of blacks already have criminal records. This may explain why they tend to resist arrest more often. Hispanics fare a little better, with 44.1 percent having a criminal record by age 23.

To be absolutely fair, whites don’t have too much to brag about, since 41.2 percent of them also have a criminal record by age 23.

The absolute underlying cause of any of these problems is that society no longer respects law enforcement, nor has any sense of morals.

Change my mind. I’ll wait.


Sandy Milner