LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our country is being destroyed

By Carolyn I. Wilkerson

Our country is being destroyed

This letter is in no way a criticism of military, first responders (fire, lawmen of every branch of government). Whether you are on the border in a foreign country, our cities, and wherever you serve, may God always keep you in His care.

This letter is to the Supreme Court, appeals court, judges, Congress, Senate and to our President. You all had a chance to fully protect our borders, get and keep illegal immigrants from any country out. These people want all the freebies offered and not the responsibility. You could rid us of Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, fraudulent government investigations. You provoke our youth to protest our gun rights, our free speech, our religious freedoms, and support no moral responsibility. Anything goes. Just get rid of guns, lawmen and do what you want.

All these groups inciting all these protests need to be locked up, and throw away the key. They are far more deadly than any opioid crisis.

I’m very embarrassed over our GOP leaders, who will join hands with Satan to destroy President Trump. You are humiliating our First Lady and an 11-year-old innocent boy. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi need to be impeached if possible.

If Ivanka and Jared Kushner, all former leaders staff, still in the White House are not removed, there will never be any leadership. Nepotism never works. Leaders need to be punished by jail. This is a crime. Throw out sneaks, who are enemies of our country.

The press needs to be selected very carefully. No cameras, no cell phones except for Kelly’s scrutiny, and okayed. Keep them out of the White House.

You all are destroying our young people that truly want a democratic rule. Democracy was supposed to be used because we are Americans. I’ve been watching our college basketball tournaments. I’ve never been so impressed at what unity achieves. I listen to a beautiful concert by our young musicians. I still know God is in control for now. When we let foreigners, people with their own agenda in, we will soon be under their rule. America will no longer be.

May all of you listen to God and go back to the guidelines of our Forefathers. I truly pity the people who think God is dead or never existed. With all the love and concern a 74-year-old woman has to give (plus lots of prayers and hugs).

Carolyn I. Wilkerson