LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On Human Trafficking

I’ve been emailing our Senators about the human trafficking across our southern border and throughout our country. The bracketed below is the body of the latest email to Senator Cornyn. I emailed a less personalized version to Senator Cruz.

[Thank for your response to my email re: human trafficking through our southern border, and from there throughout our country.

Though you detailed your legislative efforts to deal with this mess, you did NOT explain the lack of referals for prosecution from among the Biden administration. Looks to me like this would be a simple RICO case.

1. Biden/Harris implore people from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras to come into our country;

2. Once they’ve entered Mexico, they pay coyotes to move them to our border;

3. Then, they pay coyotes to move them into the US—after providing many with military camoflage uniforms;

4. For the teenagers who illegally enter, the Biden administration houses them in facilities without notifying local governments;

5. Then the Biden administration moves them throughout the country by common carrier means to unknow/undocumented places.

All this us done by plan and design for unknown/unpublished purpose. That, my Senator, is an organized criminal activity to smuggle and move illegal aliens across several borders in clear violation of existing law. Every illegal alien of any age transported across each states’ border is a violation of law. In the case of unaccompanied minors, that constitutes kidnapping. The top tier of that criminal enterprise is the Executive Officer of the United States, President Biden.

Now, please do not try to create law(s) to make this legal. Use existing law to foreward for prosecution by the Justice Department.]

Douglas Moss