By Jerrie Harvey Odessa

During the past few months it has come to my attention that a terrible situation is happening with the Odessa Girls Softball Association that needs to be resolved. One of the coaches has been harassed and treated unfairly.

This person is not allowed to coach a team at the UTPB softball complex for unknown reasons. He and his wife have coached since their 7-year-old daughter was 3-years-old. They have worked tirelessly for this organization, giving their time and money working for these kids. Now he has been told he can no longer coach a team at the UTPB softball fields. At a time when it is important for kids to have a purpose and people willing to invest in them, these people are not allowed to be a part of this.

He has put both his girls, ages 7 and 5, on other teams so they can participate in the game. He was asked to help coach one of the teams, which he did. Because of this, the president of OGSA sent the police to the UTPB softball field and made him leave. He was told that he could not come back or he would be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. He could not even come and watch his daughters play.

I believe a grave injustice has been committed. UTPB complex should be open to the public and a father should be allowed to see his child play without being afraid of being arrested.

I would like to attend a board meeting, but I was told by the vice president they have not had a meeting in quite a while. She stated that she does not know when they will have a meeting. Someone needs to investigate this situation. We need to show our youth that adults can come together to resolve issues without being petty.