LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missi Walden is the most qualified candidate

By B. Calvin Hendrick Odessa

Please join me in supporting Missi Walden for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2. Missi is the most qualified candidate for the office of Justice of the Peace. She worked 14 years for the Shafer, Davis, O’Leary & Stoker law firm, about 10 years as my legal assistant. While serving in that capacity, she worked on all types of cases including family law, tort law, contract law, and even criminal law. She then served 13 years as a Court Coordinator in Ector County, which has exposed her to every facet of civil and criminal law. She has worked with litigants, attorneys, judges, and court staff. Missi is intimately familiar with how to handle these cases from an administrative and judicial standpoint. She has attended hundreds of hearings and watched district judges handle the court room and render decisions.

Why do I think this is important? Because Missi is the best candidate for the JP position, not just because she is my friend, but because of her lifetime of work and experiences. She has had over 150 hours of courtroom specific education. She has spent 27 years in the legal field. Her opponent, on the other hand, claims some knowledge of law, but he has never gone to law school, does not have an undergraduate degree in law, has never worked in a courtroom, has never worked for a law firm, and has no education or experience in the field of law. Although her opponent says he has “studied and debated the law”, he has failed to list where, how, and details on this broad statement. We do not need rhetoric and empty boasts, we need someone with proven experience and qualifications.

Missi is a dedicated member of the Republican party. More importantly, she has community wide, broad-based support which is critical to be elected in any office. Although this election may not have a Democratic opponent, it certainly could in the future, and I want to elect someone who is electable in general election. Any criticism this week regarding this issue is unfounded and untrue.

In closing, it is the totality of Missi’s work and life experiences that make her the best qualified candidate for Justice of the Peace. I invite you to research the candidates, consider their work experience, life experiences, and qualifications. After doing so, I am confident you will agree with me that Missi is the most qualified and best candidate for Justice of the Peace. I encourage you to get out and vote on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Vote for Missi Walden as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2.

With best regards, I am

Very truly yours,

B. Calvin Hendrick