LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Media narrative is wrong

The BLM and Antifa idiots, and the Dumbocrats, and the lamestream media portray blacks as being relentlessly hunted and shot by police. However, if you look at the actual government statistics on shootings by police, you will find that the truth is vastly different. For the years 2017 through 2020, the actual number are:

Whites—police shot 1683

Blacks—police shot 908

Latinos—police shot 654

In other words, you can’t believe a single word of the leftwing narrative! They all are compulsive, habitual liars!

Another thing the Dumbocrats and the media continually lie about is gun deaths, claiming that there is an “epidemic” of gun violence, due to AR-15 rifles. This is also blatantly false. Here are some more Government statistics:

2020: 6368 deaths by handguns

1476 deaths by knives and/or cutting weapons

840 deaths by unknown weapons (not firearms)

600 deaths by fists or feet (beaten to death)

397 deaths by blunt objects (clubs,bats, etc)

364 deaths by rifles (“assault rifles” are an even smaller percentage of that number)

200 deaths by shotguns

As you can see, there are more people beaten to death by hands or feet, than are killed by AR-15s. It becomes obvious that the government does not care at all about controlling crime when they call for gun control. What they are after if people control! If the population is unarmed, the government can do whatever it wishes!

Wake up, people! Contact your Republican congressmen (because the Dumbocrats are all in favor of gun control) and demand that they resist any form of infringement to our 2nd Amendment rights! And, don’t believe anything that Dumbocrats or the media tells you!

Sandy Milner