LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Masks are no longer required?

Long long time ago, people in the USA existed without face masks. Then, the grand pooh-bah of our government, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, declared they are necessary to prevent the spread of the terribly deadly COVID-19 virus. Then, he said masks were not useful except for medical personnel. Then, he said masks are critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus—in addition to separating by 6 feet from others, not gathering, not visiting elderly relatives or neighbors,…

Well, using a paper/fiber mask to prevent passage of anything as small as a virus is exactly like relying on window screens to keep dust out of your West Texas house—do you understand? Do you really understand? The mask is simply a matter of citizenry in obedience to unelected czarist commands. But these commands are exposed as false on their face. By what measure do I state such?

We are experiencing travel restrictions domestically and internationally—except for anyone and everyone crossing our southern border in violation of our immigration law. Those children and adults stream across that border into our country without masks, without vaccinations, and without visas. (By the way, a visa is our government granting permission to a foreigner to enter the United States for a specified purpose. Its like someone ringing your door bell or knocking on your door. When you open the door, you don’t automatically let them in if you do not know them.)

The legal term defining a foreign person who enters our country in violation of our law is: illegal alien. Such person is alien to our country not only by nation of origin, but also by culture, language, and customs. Now they are also in violation of Czar Dr. Fauchi’s ever-changing edicts in pursuit of a virus-free nation.

These people, especially the teenagers, are being disbursed throughout our country to places and into homes unknown to us. Accusations of sexual assault of teens in detention in a facility in San Antonio, Texas, have forced its closure. A home in Midland, Texas, was found to house 30+ illegal aliens. A home in Houston, Texas, was found to house 80+ illegal aliens. A boat loaded with illegal aliens capsized off the San Diego, California, coast. An SUV packed with 20+ illegal aliens was involved in a wreck.

All these events occurred during the past week or so—and are only a reported sampling of what is ongoing now.

In all of this, no masks, no 6 feet separation, no personal hygiene, no regard for crowding, no vaccinations, no compliance with US immigration law. Who pays the price? We law-abiding citizens and law-abiding legal residents.

If all this is OK, and under management by the Biden Administration, why not house these folks in the fenced area of our nation’s Capital Complex?

Doug Moss