LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Manchin doing the right thing

What is going on with our elected officials? Vice President Harris was appointed to head a group to fix our border crisis which she has done nothing. As of today according to the USA population clock there are 458,000 new migrants in this country.

How many of those are legal immigrants? Now I learn that she will be appointed to head a group that is going to fix our voting problems? God help us. Where in the constitution does it give the federal government the authority? I was always taught that the federal government is limited to the defined obligations listed in the constitution and the rest was up to the states. But the federal government keeps on taking away from the states and then they wander why so many people are upset.

Everyone keeps talking about there being no fraud in the past election and I don’t dispute that, but no one has ever bothered to explain how the rules were changed in many states without going through their legislative process that got more people to the polls like in Texas. You don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

The talking heads on the news talk about all the supposed voting restrictions that many states are passing but no one wants to talk about those states that already have more restrictive rules than those being passed such as the president’s own home state of Delaware. Also no one is talking about how you get the 34% of eligible voters to the polls that don’t bother to vote now.

I applaud Senator Joe Manchin for his stand on keeping the filibuster rules intact in the US Senate. He understands even if others don’t what will happen if the rules are changed and the pendulum swings to the other side which it always does. It is time our elected officials recognize that no side gets everything they want and it is only through compromise that the government and the country move forward. If democracy is to survive this is what must become the watchword. If not, we are doomed.

Charles Cotten