LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Looks like the end to the GOP

I’m approaching 80 and I never thought I would see a large part of a major political party try to undo an election simply on the basis of “We don’t like the results.” Time after time, the judicial process has shown there was no fraud that would come close to changing the results of the election. And many officials testifying to this are registered Republicans who voted for Trump.
It’s one thing for the hoi polloi (that’s us) to be upset and even to publicly protest the results of an election. But for 17 GOP Attorneys General and 126 elected GOP representatives to sign on to a totally unconstitutional attempt to overturn the will of the people, that is mind-boggling. And Allen West (Texas GOP leader) is suggesting that Texas might want to secede from the Union. What is wrong with the GOP? I expect this from Donald Trump. He is a lunatic. But I did not expect this from Mike Conaway, our elected representative. I did not expect Mr. Conaway to give his assent to trashing the Constitution. And I certainly did not expect 126 representatives of any party to associate themselves with such an attack on the democratic process. I see the GOP dying. And I hope and pray that the GOP that I described dies soon and is buried in an unmarked grave. There don’t seem to be any principles left. It’s Retain power; nothing else matters.
We need two political parties. But we don’t need what’s going on at the present time in the GOP. I was heartened by the actions of many GOP elected officials in several states who have stood up for the truth. As one said: “Numbers don’t lie. I voted for Trump, but he lost the election.” May this GOP rise from the ashes and may Truth rise with it.