LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s drop the hyphens in America

I wish that all the people who live in America (at least, all the legal residents) would start being Americans, instead of hyphenated Americans!

What I mean is Blacks who call themselves Afro-Americans did not come from Africa. Their parents did not, and in most cases, their grandparents did not. Probably 90 percent of them were born in the U.S..

Most of the legal Mexicans were born here. Likewise, most Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans, German-Americans, and most other whatever-Americans. According to government figures, 85 percent of all people (legal, that is) living in America today were born in America.

My ancestors were from England, Germany, and one great-great grandmother was full blood American Indian, but I don’t call myself Anglo-American, or German-American, or Indian-American. Also, one of my distant relatives was Black, but I don’t call myself an African-American.

I believe that being a hyphenated American is one of the worst things someone can be. If we decided to just be Americans, all the race hustlers would not be able to cause so much divisiveness among us.

But, of course, that is their master plan. If they can divide us, then they can impose socialism, or whatever, on us, because each race would only be looking out for itself, instead of standing together as Americans.

I only hope that we are not so stupid at to fall for their tactics!

If all the people would just decide to be Americans, we could probably all get along a lot better!

Sandy Milner