LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is there a problem at Odessa College?

By Jimme Eye

I am wondering about what is going on at Odessa College? Why are so many experienced professors leaving as soon as they can? My sources tell me that 65-70 percent of full-time instructors with 10 years experience or more have fled Odessa College in the last three years. Why is this happening? Odessa College claims it is one of the best community colleges in the nation – so why are so many leaving the institution?

I also noticed when I was on campus that many classrooms are not being utilized. Why is that? Why am I and many others paying higher taxes for buildings that are not being fully utilized? Why are the faculty only being used as caretakers of WEB classes and not teachers of information in classrooms? Is Odessa College becoming the University of Phoenix – Odessa branch? Why are students who learn in the classroom with personal contact with the professor being denied that way of learning?

I am not attempting to be critical. Odessa College has a beautiful campus and this is something we can all be proud of. However, these are some of the questions that the Odessa College Board of Regents and administration need to address and explain to us the Odessa community.

Jimme Eye