LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hayes dodges questions

By Dallas Kennedy, Odessa

As many of you know, Debi Hayes is running for Ector County judge.

On Feb. 22, 2018, Debi Hayes posted on her Facebook page: “There are only two ways for the government to balance a budget: either raise revenues or cut expenses. It’s time we live within our means.”

I asked her to tell us specifically what she would cut from the county budget and where is the over spending occurring. I never got a response. I again asked her on Feb. 26, 2018, to please tell us where she plans to make cuts in the county budget. No response. I sent her a private message asking her again. No response.

It concerns me when we have someone running for office who says they will make cuts, but either cannot or will not tell us what they plan to cut. I am all for a smaller government, but I would like to see her tell us specifically where she would like to see the county budget get smaller. Why would a candidate refuse to answer a question?

Sadly, our Ector County Republican Party chose to publicly endorse candidates in a primary race. That is just flat out wrong. The local party should not turn against it’s own, but I thought that if they chose to endorse Debi Hayes there had to be a good reason. Sadly it appears they chose to endorse a candidate that will not answer a simple question from a potential voter.