LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Getting what we pay for

In the past, Texas State Democrats skipped out on legislative sessions to prevent a quorum. The last was to prevent redistricting. Redistricting happened anyway. This time their cause is to permit inelligible votes to be cast. They cannot tollerate transparent fair elections assured by live voters identified as who they say they are, elligible to cast one ballot per election. Thet’d rather scurry to a photo-op with the President in DC via 2 chartered aircraft than be accounted against such a piece of legislation. Recorded votes matter. Sometimes a purely partisan vote has power in the next campaigns for elections.

Now, lets consider how we finance our state politicians. They are paid via the state budget for a regular session once each two years, and are provided staffs and offices. When there is a special session, they and their staffs are paid for that session as well. I believe they, nor their staffs, should not be paid when they absent themselves to prevent a quorum. We pay for the participation—in the State Legislature—of ALL our state representatives and senators. If the two political sides do not agree on a piece of legislation, one side wins and the other side does not—by vote. “Elections have consequences”, as our 44th President often told us.

Rather than expend energy and our resources, in vain maneuvers, Texas Democrats need to campaign on their ideas, win more state district elections, and become the majority. But squandering our resources like squalling babies throwing a kitchen fit is more than inappropriate—it’s pitiable.

Doug Moss