LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For those ignorant of history

76 years ago September 2nd, Japan signed the formal unconditional surrender documents in Tokyo Bay on the deck of the battle ship Missouri. The finality of the world wide conflagration that consumed tens of millions of lives and, unfortunately, set the stage of history for communist subjugation and mass murder of millions more in eastern europe, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, and others… But I digress.

What kept Japan from fighting on to the very bitter end? Why didn’t they sacrifice another million or more people? Why not cause another half million Allied casualties? Another million Japanese casualties. Simple math.

Because we obliterated 2 Japanese cities with nuclear bombs in early August, Emperor Hirohito publicly announced Japan’s surrender on August 15, 1945. Had he not, invading the Japanese home islands would have made that surrender 75 years ago.

We have lost nearly all those who performed the terrible grinding horror of that war to keep us free.

Did those rugged individals endure so much, lose so many in their youth, rebuild their lives, grow the country we grew up in, only to prepare us to cede our freedoms to a bunch of self-serving spoiled brat politicians’ notion that socialism should reign over us?

I think not.

Doug Moss