LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Follow the dark money in Senate race

By John H. Lovell, Amarillo

I know Victor Leal casually. He is a nice guy, and makes great Mexican food.

I have dealt with Michael Quinn Sullivan, Tim Dunn, and their organizations, Empower Texans, et al.

I was very disappointed to see that Victor Leal has associated himself with Dunn and Sullivan. Dunn, Sullivan, and their “Dark Money” organizations are bad, bad people. As we all know, “bad company corrupts good morals.” Jon Belieu was exactly correct about Dunn, et al in his Feb. 17 Amarillo newspaper editorial. So was Texas Monthly in its Feb. 21 article.

It is obvious that Dunn and Sullivan own Mike Canon. It now appears they also own Victor Leal.

In 2013, Kel Seliger had the moral courage and conviction to stand up to Tim Dunn and crew, sponsoring a bill to require 501(c)(4) organizations like Empower Texans to disclose the secret sources of the money they were spending. For Kel’s efforts to shine some light on secret “Dark Money” political financing, Dunn and crew have targeted Kel Seliger. To my great disappointment, Victor is helping Dunn and his “Dark Money” organizations.

When Kel Seliger stood up to people like Dunn and Sullivan, he proved himself a statesman. We need Kel and people like him in Austin.