LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Enact common sense gun control

I am writing with terror, anxiety and pain regarding the passage of House Bill 1911 in the State House. I wonder if legislators are comfortable with visitors in the gallery carrying weapons to all of their sessions with no licenses or training. Or are visitors banned from carrying guns? In which case, why are they endangering the rest of us?

The last few weeks have given a newly reopening America a slew of mass shootings and Texan GOP responds with “here, everyone, have a gun! Nah, you don’t need training or anything. Just grab one on your way out the door. They’re free so you too can shoot your way to ‘freedom’”

I don’t understand. Even the Wild Wild West had better gun control than Texas does now. Historian Robert Dykstra wrote that frontier towns by and large prohibited the “carrying of dangerous weapons of any type, concealed or otherwise, by persons other than law enforcement officers.” Perhaps since Republicans love quoting words from the 1700’s, they should follow the lead of lawmen and cities of that time and enact common sense gun control too. Or is the NRA paying them too much? Concerned and terrified constituents would like to know.

Jennifer Little