LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dumbocrat hypocrisy

The entire Democrat platform is hypocrisy! The Democrats claim to support the Constitution, yet they constantly violate the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They claim to be against crime, yet they don’t support the police. Democrat -led cities have defunded their police departments, released criminals back onto the streets, and placed so many restrictions on the police that they can’t do their jobs. They claim to be in favor of fair elections, yet they are against voter IDs, and purging ineligible voters from the voter rolls. They are against audits in states where there is ample evidence of voter fraud, and they refuse to let Republican poll watchers even get close enough to watch the actual count.

Now, as if any further proof of their hypocrisy was needed, just look at the immigration situation. Biden is letting literally thousands of ILLEGAL aliens flood across the southern border, many of whom have COVID, and releasing them into the U.S. with no restrictions except a “court date.” Does anyone really expect the aliens to show up in court?

Where the hypocrisy comes in, is the fact that Biden has told refugees from Cuba and Haiti NOT to come to the U.S. because they will be turned away. These people are actually fleeing from communism and have valid reasons to apply for asylum. 90 percent of the aliens coming across the southern border just want all the free benefits which the government gives to anyone except the people who actually need and deserve them.

I hope all the people who voted for Biden are happy, especially when they feel the effects of the jump in inflation, causing prices of everything from gas to the food we eat to go up drastically!

Congratulations, idiots!


Sandy Milner