LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Denying voting rights is wrong

Our country is sick. We have a cancer growing on the body politic and rather than doing anything to diminish the cancer, we are giving it free rein to grow and kill us. This cancer is today’s Republican Party. The latest signs of the cancer are the votes in various states, including Texas, to suppress voting rights, the vote this past week in the Senate to not authorize a bi-partisan commission to examine the January 6 insurrection and the Texas law removing virtually all restrictions on carrying guns. These are only the latest. This cancer has metastasized around Donald Trump and his big lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent. As long as this lie and this cancer are allowed to spread, our country will get sicker and might even pass away as the model of democracy.

We look at Belarus and their autocratic leader, Lukashenko, and we are dismayed by his hijacking an Irish civilian airliner to arrest a journalist who opposes his corruption. That just may be a preview of an autocratic U.S. president in a few years if the Republicans refuse to acknowledge the truth. I call on Rep. Brooks Landgraf, I call on Sen. Kel Seliger, I call on Rep. August Pfluger, I call on Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz, I call on Gov. Greg Abbott to grow up, to publicly denounce the big lie to the 75% of Ector County voters who supported Donald Trump, many of whom (according to polls) still believe the lie.

The silence of these elected officials tells me that they either believe the lie or are too chicken to stand up for truth. And I call on all Republicans to turn off the Fox Propaganda Channel. Our country is on a slippery slope. The 2020 election will not be undone. But what about 2022 and beyond? So long as our elected representatives are silent about the big lie, there will be little trust in the election results, even if they are conducted securely. Elected representatives, stand up for truth!

Am I angry? No, I’m disappointed and confused as to how so many intelligent people can be bamboozled. I pray that each of us will turn more directly to the Light of Truth.

Joseph Uecker