LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Common sense: Arm school employees

By George Pitts, Fort Stockton

Some leftist liberals who advocate gun-control are calling the NRA and other second amendment proponents, such as Dana Loesch, murderers.

However, I believe liberals who initiated and have maintained gun-free zones in our public schools are unwittingly responsible for the murder of hundreds of our students!

Would leftists want banks to be gun-free zones? Would democrats want courthouses to be gun-free? How about sports stadiums? What about airports? Should our politicians announce gun-free zones in their offices?

Look at Mexico (and learn) where guns and ammo are prohibited. One hundred thousand Mexicans have been killed there the last 10 years. Twenty-three thousand were killed there in 2017.

Conclusion: We need common sense. We need to arm some of our public school employees. Case closed!