LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children need God

By Carolyn I. Wilkerson, Odessa

This letter is a plea for mothers, fathers, clergy, CPS, mental health people and especially for our children. The incident in Florida was horrific for 17 people whose lives were lost, but also for a young man that cried for help and was thrown away.

These incidents aren’t going to stop with gun laws. That is an excuse. People have owned guns forever. Murders at school have not. All the protests by Womens March, LGBT groups, Me Too movement and attacks on our law enforcement solve nothing. Until laws are put in place to limit the size of our classrooms, parents being held responsible for Facebook posts and focusing on our children as something besides a test score. Children killing others and killing themselves, being bullied because they are not always followers, maybe needing a hug, we’ll never solve anything.

Children are a blessing from God. It is our responsibility to teach them about God, to watch for any signs of distress or changes in their behavior. Going for guns is an after effect of nothing else being done to help kids. Our leaders need to enforce immigration laws, the gun laws that have already been put on the books, and working hand in hand with parents, educators, and having our law enforcement back.

If all these feminists, Antifah, these loud vulgar mouthed feminine protestors on our college campuses would work toward good then some good could be done. Men ought to be as scared as our children that these Nazi feminists are trying to take over our world. They need to be at home being peace makers, homemakers and more especially Christians. Do away with all these games, movies, apps, cell phones, Skype and go back to talking to each other and hearing each other.

If this offends, it is not meant to be anything but a plea to put our priorities on our families. Get families back to their own cultures and countries. They’re not happy here. They have legacies also.

I’ve lived 74 years and I’ve never seen any time that our kids are nothing but pawns for senators and congressmen (and women) to try to win an election. May God watch us all. Help us to see the threats to our children.