LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bitter people are ruining U.S.

By Carolyn I. Wilkerson, Odessa

This is an open letter to anyone voting for amnesty, no border wall, no immigrant ban (in the hands of the Supreme Court, a joke), and all who do not stand for the National Anthem.

I’m very angry and very afraid for our children and grandchildren. Although all that is happening is told to us in the Bible.

I vote by mail, so I’ve already started helping drain the Swamp. This is for Texans in Austin representing us, and the ones in Washington.

Americans, whether you were born here legally or got in line to become citizens legally, stand up.

Democrats, and this includes Graham, McCain, Lee, Paul, Collins, Flake, Meadows and all phony GOP leaders, you are betraying everything America stands for.

You’ve betrayed President and First Lady Trump and all the honest, hardworking, college educated or GED educated people who told the world what we wanted, change.

He has proven what he said about tax cuts, deregulations and jobs. He’s also proven the abuse and hypocrisy in our FBI, DOJ, CIA and former presidents. I pray the people that voted for Trump will once more stand up for our president.

He is being undercut on protecting us from Iran, Syria and North Korea. Even some of his supposed helpers will help the people win again because of bleeding hearts. It’s alright for our men and women in the military, police, DEA, border patrol marshals and all law enforcement to lose their lives but heaven help a terrorist is killed. It is sickening.

Feminists, Hollywood, Antifah and all these bitter, angry people trying to take over our country. People who have no love of anything but the Clintons, Obamas and people that say there is no sin, no evil, except by being Conservative. They are a joke and don’t belong in America.

America has taken care of trillions of people. Now it is time for them to go home and take care of their own countries and people. It’s time for all these users to go home and rebuild their lives.

I live in a HUD apartment and this non-English speaking, give me is taking over our home, and we have a woman and California based company that can make money from the government by using almost free labor and no rule of law or safety.

Thank you and may God bless Americans and others wanting to change their countries.