LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Biden should resign in disgrace

Apparent evidence of a phone call which General Milley made to a Chinese general has surfaced, indicating that Milley advised General Li that, if the U.S. attacked China, he would call Li in advance and warn him. If true, and according to the transcript of the call, it is, then Milley is plainly guilty of treason, and collaborating with the enemy. Why is the media silent about this?

Of course, we all know the answer; because the media is heavily biased in favor of the Democrats!

The media was calling for Trump to be charged with treason, and impeached, on the basis of what turned out to be totally bogus claims of collusion with the Russians. The mere allegation that he colluded with Russia was enough for the lamestream media to convict him, and they continued to persecute him even after a months long investigation costing millions of taxpayer dollars found no collusion.

That is the way it always is when it comes to the differences between Republicans and Democrats. The Republican is always guilty, even when he’s not!

Why is it then, that the American people either don’t, or won’t, wise up and quit electing Democrats? Surely, the American public can’t be that stooopid! Oops, yes they can! After all, they elected Bill Clinton, and Obama twice, and Now Biden. This in spite of Biden’s obvious senility.

If nothing else, Biden’s senility and incompetence as evidenced by the disastrous Afghanistan evacuation farce should convince even the Democrats that there is something seriously wrong with the Democratic party! I would be willing to wager just about anything, that Biden would not have left his son in Afghanistan, yet he left several hundred other American citizens there, and yet has the sheer effrontery to call the botched evacuation an “extraordinary success”!

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Biden, and his idiotic cohort Harris should resign in disgrace! Also, Milley, Austin, and Blinken should go with them!

I wish the Democrats would be investigated to determine if they have any affiliation with America. I have seen it, and heartily agree, with a post on Facebook(oops, Fascistbook) which says, “I would rather be an American than a Democrat”!


Sandy Milner