LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “At the Public Trough”

By Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah

A recent Texas Tribune article observed: “Texas is making billions from oil and gas drilling, but counties say rural roads are being destroyed. Damage from heavy trucks has battered local roads in and around the state’s oil fields, and many counties want the state to help pay for repairs and maintenance. Will lawmakers take action?”

Have you driven US 67 from McCamey to San Angelo 10 years ago, then since fracking? Debris is kicked up by the large vehicles trailing muck in plumes from unpaved facility yards onto the highway. It damages paint and windshields choking lungs even if windows are rolled-up! Hasn’t the road bed suffered along with the quality of life along a once pleasant drive?

On a 2015 drive south from Watford City, North Dakota to I-90, a half-dollar size rock exploded on the front windshield of my RV just below and to the right of my forward vision. It had been hurled by a large truck across divided US 85.

Fossil fuels is a “Hogs at the trough industry”, privatizing losses and socializing risk and costs. For example, due to fracking in the Balmorhea area off I-10 regional fresh water sources are threatened endangering agriculture and tourism.

We pay for our own abuse. Watch a week of Dr. Phil for insight. Please, describe a dysfunctional relationship to those enamored with oil and gas, our legislators and Railroad Commission dancing to a misbegotten dying industry’s tune.

We cannot fix what we don’t acknowledge.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah