LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another federal overreach for power

I just learned from an commercial on the Mike Gallager radio show that the “Capital Police” is opening field offices in Tampa and San Francisco, with more to open in other cities. I was not aware the “Capital Police” had jurisdiction outside DC.

As if we do not have a heavy enough weight of federal government on us with: DHS, TSA, ATFE, FBI, DOJ, DNI, DIA, CIA, NSA, FISA Court, etc. Now we’ll fund the “Capital Police” to become another national policing force? This brings to my mind the on-air musing of Ex President Obama to create and equip a national police force.

I’m nearly finished with my 70th year on the planet, and I’ve seen the growth of ever-intruding federal government during my lifetime. We used to have better sense than this, but we’ve allowed the construction of federal agencies because we were sold a story, each time, that they would have: only external jurisdiction and authority; or, will have only limited authority in federal matters; or, the Constitutional rights of American citizens will not be jeopardized; or, FISA Court will ensure these agencies do not userp their authority.

I recommend each of you contact our 2 US Senators, Cornyn and Cruz. Contact your US Representative, for me its Pfluger. Make yourselves known clearly right now, before this happens.

Douglas Moss