LETTER TO THE EDITOR: About the young and guns

By Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah, Alpine

To those with an ultra-conservative 2nd Amendment position, please stop the pandering to your irrational fears and lack of general knowledge about these issues. Not long ago the country was subjected to your “Obama’s secret copters are coming up everyone’s street to seize our guns, while he abolishes the 2nd Amendment!”

Much the same is being advanced by the NRA spokespersons refusing to accept any hint of reasonable 2nd Amendment regulations and restrictions. These obstructionists are the two year olds throwing a tantrum and holding their nose until we turn Blue – although I am on-board with that political conversion. All the while their heads are in the sand ignoring the SCOTUS Heller decision which allows that states may enact reasonable rules, restrictions and limitations on a range of gun related issues.

Then, there is that palpable, absolute lack of compassion for the victims of school and workplace violence. Couple that with the non-respect shown for the energetic young people reacting to the daily carnage of gun violence, yes in a very public manner (God forbid?) manifesting in last Sunday’s nation-wide “March For Our Lives.

The feared result will happen by continuing to stand in the road. Keep refusing to discuss any sort of balanced 2nd Amendment approach upholding its provisions and the need for public safety. You won’t have it your way, not in the face of all the blood being shed given the obstinacy of the few.