LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 39 and holding

It does not feel like I have lived in Odessa for 39 years, but here I am!!! I wanted to thank all my friends and a few enemies for the vast memories over the 39 years. Even though we are leaving West Texas, I can safely say TEXAS has helped me grow up at least 3 or 4 times!

Listing all the thank-you salutations would be fun, but endless. Instead, I want to thank the people that pivoted my time in Odessa. My bride and companion for 35 years, (and still counting), Janeen. Hayden Fry, Jack Brewer, John Wilkins, Gary Gaines, Dr. Thurston Dean, Bobby Cox, BOB PURSER, and Eva Garcia. Each time a life changing opportunity came to my door, these people gave me the tools and love to grow and help others succeed.

I came to Odessa as a young man ready to take on the world with a hard head and plenty of gas in the tank. Now, I leave the Permian Basin as a husband, a father and grandfather, ready to laugh more and hope that my tank still has some gas to burn!

I look around and remember the great friends, men, and women, that are no longer here in this dusty town, it makes me sad. For those of you still in this dusty town, I salute you. I appreciate all you do each day with a smile. Until we meet again…


Tim “Trapper” O’Connell