TEXAS VIEW: Exercise good judgment during spring break


The Coalition’s Drug-Free All-Stars joined community leaders recently at Brookshire Brothers Fresh Harvest Chestnut to kick off “Project Sticker Shock.”

The public-awareness campaign, which takes place countywide, serves as an “unofficial kickoff” to spring break, followed closely by prom season and graduation. The youth-led initiative is designed to change adults’ attitudes about providing and selling alcohol to people younger than the age of 21.

Spring break season began recently when classes adjourned for many high school students across Deep East Texas. Most of us have been high school and college students, so we understand the allure of spring break — it’s a chance for young people to get out of town and have some fun.

But now that we’re parents, that understanding has given way to worry. We worry about how our kids are going to behave during their week off. Will there be alcohol involved? What about swimming, boating or high-risk outdoor adventures?

According to a Texas Department of State Health Services survey, about 39 percent of middle and high school students and 78 percent of underage college students say they have obtained alcohol at a party or from friends. About one-third of high school seniors said alcohol is always at the parties they attend.

Alcohol impairs your judgment and actions. Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 31 minutes and non-fatally injure someone every two minutes. And remember that unintentional injuries kill more Americans in their first three decades of life than any other cause of death. Be sure to use the appropriate safety gear before venturing out.

In the meantime, we encourage students to exercise good judgment during spring break.

In short, be careful; enjoy your spring break.