TEXAS VIEW: Area youth hunker down for STAAR testing

By The Paris (Texas) News

Students from grades 3-12 across the state of Texas are in the midst of taking the state-mandated STAAR tests.

These tests are a method to measure what students are learning in each grade, and whether or not they are ready for the next grade. According to the Texas Assessment Management System, the goal is to ensure all students receive what they need to be academically successful. Meeting these individual student needs depends greatly on schools, parents and community members working together.

Tests are a necessary part of assessing students, and the information they are taught. It can be a time of great anxiety for some, and many parents and teachers have worked to help students learn what they need to be ready for these annual exams.

Some people look at sample tests available at texasassessment.com, they have their children practice at home with online tutorials and use online learning tools in an effort to provide what these students need to feel confident as they step into the testing room.

Testing is a big deal in Texas schools. They, however, are another step for these children as they learn and grow to become functioning adults in the world beyond the academic level. Being tested on knowledge and proficiency does not end upon graduation from high school, making these tests another knowledge base for them to utilize the rest of their lives.

We realize these can be tough for some, but recognize the need.

We stand behind each child as they break the seals and fill in the circles. We recommend a deep breath, clear your mind and take your time to read the questions and carefully consider the answer options. We know you are trying your best and congratulate you on working through and taking these tests.