GUEST VIEW: Every school needs a Technology Club

By Avery Glenn

I am Avery Glenn, a fourth-grade student at Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School. I am also lucky enough to be a part of the G.T or, Gifted and Talented program. My G.T. teacher is Mrs. Brower. Mrs. Brower is such an amazing teacher and she has worked hard to get funding for all of the amazing things that we use in G.T. She uses a lot of those things for our tech club too. We have done and learned so many amazing things in tech club that we did not have time to do in our regular class this year!

My G.T. teacher, Mrs. Brower, created one of the clubs I am in, Technology Club A.K.A. Tech Club. She has worked hard to raise money to get us some great items and advanced technology for our G.T. classes. She got us a 3D printer that we use to make things like a pencil holder. She also got us a Makey Makey. It is able to act as a piano on anything that conducts electricity like my friend’s head or even a banana! She even allows us to use programs for our chess club and has brought in Minecraft for finding the link between gaming and education.

Technology helps benefit us in many ways. We use technology at home and we use technology at school. We even use technology when we are traveling! It can help you with school work and homework. It can also help advance our computer knowledge and skills. One more thing it can do is keep us up to date with things we need to do. The benefits do not have to be all work, some of it can be fun which is something technology club can do. Technology Club lets us not only learn but also have fun with technology and friends.

Technology Club is me and a group of my friends that stay after school on Wednesdays having fun with technology. The amazing and fun things I have done with electronics in Technology Club includes controlling robots with an iPad and playing games with them, playing the piano with bananas using a Makey Makey, using Minecraft for educational uses with MinecraftEDU. I have only named a few of the many great things we have gotten to do as a technology club.

I wish every school had some way to learn with technology like robotics and computer programming because everyone should have a chance to learn about this. I think it is important that kids learn about technology because it is such an important part of our lives now and that it would be hard to live without. I am hoping that the middle school I will go to has an after-school technology club or robotics class where we can learn to program robots and keep having something that is fun in our school day.”

Avery Glenn is a fourth-grader at LBJ Elementary School in Odessa.