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2 teens recovering following wreck

3 other teens were killed during tragic accident


Two Odessa teens who were involved in a fatal collision that killed three other teenagers over the weekend were in fair and good conditions on Monday, a Medical Center Hospital official detailed.

MCH director of public relations Trevor Tankersley stated in an email that 19-year-old Benjamin Luna of Odessa was in fair condition, while 18-year-old D’Morriyon Breaux of Odessa was in good condition.

Luna and Breaux were both passengers who were reportedly involved in a two-vehicle collision that happened at 2:55 a.m. Saturday at the intersection of 52nd Street and Clover Avenue, an Odessa Police Department press release detailed.

Investigation showed that 19-year-old Andrew Nading was driving a gray GMC Terrain east in the 1400 block of East 52nd Street, the Odessa Police Department press release stated. Luna was identified as the front passenger of the Terrain.

Kaenan Garms, 19, of Odessa was reportedly driving a white Ford F-150 north in the 5100 block of Clover Avenue. The front passenger of the Ford F-150 was identified as Breaux, while the back passenger was identified as 18-year-old Evan Hill of Odessa.

Investigation showed the F-150 ran a stop sign before colliding with the Terrain, the press release stated. Garms and Hill were pronounced dead at the scene, while Nading was transported to a local hospital and later pronounced dead by medical personnel.

According to a series of police reports, witnesses stated they saw Breaux climb out of the F-150 and walk into an alley. Another report stated police officer Calvin Tayler found Breaux in an alley near the intersection of 52nd Street and Locust Avenue, which was one block east of Clover Avenue. Officer Tayler detailed in his report that Breaux was bleeding from his nose and both legs and that he had a “significant cut/ puncture wound on his right leg.”

A police report also details a video taken at 2:52 a.m. Saturday showed an unidentified black car run the stop sign as it traveled a very high rate of speed going north on Clover Avenue and crossing East 52nd Street. Almost immediately after, the white Ford truck is seen chasing the black car and traveling north on Clover Avenue at a high rate of speed where it ran the stop sign.

As the white Ford entered the intersection, the black SUV was reportedly traveling very fast, going east in the outside lane of East 52nd Street and crossing the intersection. The front end of the black SUV struck the driver’s side of the white Ford truck and both vehicles proceeded toward the northeast corner of the intersection. The truck is not seen rolling over due to a large tree obstructing any further view.

Breaux stated to police that there were four people including himself in the truck, the report detailed. Breaux also stated he was in the back seat and did not recall a crash, however, he stated his friends stated the police were coming and to leave. Breaux reported not knowing he was in a crash and feared he would go to jail.

Breaux and Luna were reportedly transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. There were no reports of any other injuries. Next of kin for Garms, Nading and Hill have been notified. GoFundMe pages have been created for Garms and Hill.

OPD spokesperson Cpl. Steve LeSueur said over the phone on Monday afternoon that the investigation is continuing.