• January 19, 2020

DRILLING REPORT: Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 - Odessa American: Permian Basin Drilling Report

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DRILLING REPORT: Sept. 26 through Oct. 2

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Posted: Sunday, October 6, 2019 5:30 am

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Fanta 28-8 Unit, Loving, new drill; Hawthorn 55-1-23 Unit, Loving, new drill (2); Poplar 55-1-24 Unit, Loving, new drill (2); Potomac 29-2 Unit, Loving, new drill (8); Sassafras 55-1-24 Unit, Loving, new drill. 

Apache Corporation, Bull Run, Reeves, new drill; University 2404 East C, Reagan, new drill; Warhead 0405 C, Upton, new drill (2); Warhead 0405 D, Upton, new drill (3).

APC Water Holdings 1, LLC, APC 28-6, Loving, new drill (2).

Avad Operating, LLC, Shannon Hospital 1, Crockett, new drill. 

Banner Operating, LLC, Teague 6, Irion, new drill. 

BASA Resources, Inc., Mary Foster, Mitchell, recompletion. 

Blackbeard Operating, LLC, Captain Morgan, Winkler, new drill (2).

Boykin Energy, LLC, Battle Axe SWD, Loving, new drill. 

BPX Midstream, LLC, Squiggy 58-T2-12 SWD, Reeves, new drill. 

BPX Operating Company, State Kate Olson 57-T2-17x8, Reeves, new drill (2).

Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Elk Alley A1, Ward, new drill; Elk Alley A2, Ward, new drill; Moran, Ward, new drill; Winchester A1, Ward, new drill; Winchester A2, Ward, new drill. 

Capitan Energy, Incorporated, Dale State, Culberson, new drill (2).

Carr Resources, Inc., Wolters 239, Scurry, new drill. 

Carrizo (Permian), LLC, Trinity-Lovelace State (alloc A), Reeves, new drill.  

Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Stephens B, Reeves, new drill; Stephens C, Reeves, new drill; War Eagle B Unit, Reeves, new drill (2).

Champion Lone Star Operating, LLC, CLS Walton, Winkler, new drill. 

Clear Fork, Incorporated, Taylor, Scurry, reenter. 

COG Operating, LLC, Eggman, Ward, new drill; Spanish Trail HZ Unit, Midland, new drill (2). 

ConocoPhillips Company, Alpha State, Reeves, new drill. 

CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Sixteen Penny Nail 310, Martin, new drill; Sixteen Penny Nail 310A, Martin, new drill; Sixteen Penny Nail 310B, Martin, new drill; Sixteen Penny Nail 310C, Martin, new drill. 

DE3 Operating, LLC, Madison West 13, Reagan, new drill; North Leg 7, Martin, new drill; Shady Oaks O 48-37, Midland, new drill (4).

Diamondback E&P, LLC, Altura 10-3 Unit, Reeves, new drill; Altura 15-22 Unit, Reeves, new drill; Billings Unit, Midland, new drill; Black Stone State 1-12 D, Pecos, new drill; Black Stone 2-11, Reeves, new drill; Black Stone 11-2 B, Pecos, new drill; Kelley State Kamo 22-23 B, Pecos, new drill; Lilly 49 Unit, Howard, new drill; Percheron 46-45 C, Reeves, new drill; Percheron 46-45 D, Reeves, new drill; Reveille State Unit 66-68-74, Loving, new drill (2); State Ardennes 11-7 A, Ward, new drill; State Ardennes 11-7 B, Ward, new drill; State Brumby 6-C, Reeves, new drill; State Lokai 10-7 A, Ward, new drill; State Neal Lethco 28-27 A, Pecos, new drill; Thanos, Ward, new drill; Ultron, Pecos, new drill. 

Discovery Natural Resources, LLC, Chili, Reagan, new drill (3).

Double Drop SWD, LLC, Kodiak SWD, Reagan, new drill; Yukon SWD, Reagan, new drill. 

Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc., Neal 39A, Upton, new drill (5); Neal 39B, Upton, new drill (5); Neal 39C, Upton, new drill (4).

Encore Permian Operating, LLC, Trees 65, Pecos, reenter.

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Fasken 21-16 D, Midland, new drill; Gault 5-44 Unit 1, Midland, new drill; Gault 5-44 Unit 3UW, Midland, new drill; Gault 5-44 Unit 4UW, Midland, new drill; Gault 5-44 Unit 5UW, Midland, new drill (2); Gault 5-44 Unit 6LS, Midland, new drill; McAlpine-Grisham 47-35 H, Martin, new drill. 

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee BL, Ector, new drill (3).

FED Operating, LLC, Neander SWD, Martin, new drill. 

Felix Energy Holdings II, LLC, Smokin Joe 4441-28 T, Loving, new drill; UL Cathedral 1516-17, Ward, new drill; UL Spruce 1621-21, Winkler, new drill; UL Independence 1718-17 A, Ward, new drill; UL Independence 1718-17 B, Ward, new drill; UL Independence 1718-17 C, Ward, new drill; UL Independence 1718-17 D, Ward, new drill; UL Independence 1718-17 E, Ward, new drill. 

Fivestones Energy, LLC, University A, Andrews, recompletion. 

Hannathon Petroleum, LLC, GBT 102, Howard, new drill. 

Hibernia Resources III, LLC, UL Boss Hogg A, Upton, new drill; UL Boss Hogg B, Upton, new drill; UL Boss Hogg C, Upton, new drill. 

HighPeak Energy Holdings, LLC, O'Daniel Ranch 46-30 B Unit, Howard, new drill. 

Hunt Oil Company, University 1-2 30, Upton, new drill. 

Jetta Permian, LP, Jaws State 58 11-02, Reeves, new drill; Sunset State Unit 58 13-24, Reeves, new drill (2).

Joint Resources Company, Patriot A, Gaines, new drill. 

Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion; Sacroc Unit, Scurry, recompletion. 

Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Mize C 145-146 (alloc-B), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-C), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-D), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-E), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-F), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-G), Reagan, new drill; Mize C 145-146 (alloc-H), Reagan, new drill. 

Lime Rock Resources IV-A, LP, University Lands, Andrews, new drill. 

Maverick Operating, LLC, University Cactus A35, Hudspeth, reenter. 

MexTex Operating Company, Ft. Terrett Ranch/Canyon LM/U, Sutton, new drill. 

Oxy USA WTP, LP, West Seminole SA Unit, Gaines, recompletion (4).

Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Bevo 28-33-EZ, Martin, new drill (2); Marienfeld 13-24-F, Martin, new drill; Massey Unit, Midland, new drill. 

PDC Permian, Inc., Buzzard North 6972, Reeves, new drill (2); Grizzly South 7673, Reeves, new drill. 

Peregrine Petroleum Partners, Ltd., Willingham A, Scurry, new drill. 

Permian Deep Rock Oil Co., LLC, Mustang, Midland, new drill. 

PetroLegacy Energy II, LLC, Thirsty Goat E Unit, Martin, new drill (3).

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Texas Ten Y PU, Midland, new drill (3); University E2-34A, Reagan, new drill; University E2-34B, Reagan, new drill; University E2-34C, Reagan, new drill; University E2-34D, Reagan, new drill; University E2-34E, Reagan, new drill; University E2-34F, Reagan, new drill. 

Point Energy Partners Petro, LLC, Lochridge-Seely, Ward, field transfer. 

Primexx Operating Corporation, Denton Unit 68-107W, Reeves, new drill. 

Ring Energy, Inc., Horned Frog 400 A, Yoakum, new drill. 

Rio Oil and Gas (Permian) II, LLC, Alexander State Unit 58-2-24, Reeves, new drill (3).

Rocker A Operating Company, Young-Pace A, Hockley, recompletion (2).

Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, State Neal Lethco 14, Pecos, new drill. 

Rover Petroleum Operating, LLC, E.W. Douthit, C-DE, Howard, new drill (3).

Sabinal Energy Operating, LLC, Sundown Slaughter Unit, Hockley, recompletion. 

Sable Permian Resources, LLC, Holt 1222-1221 (alloc 02), Reagan, new drill. 

Saragosa Field Services, LLC, Fontus SWD, Reeves, new drill (2).

Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation, Shenandoah Bar M SWD, Midland, reenter. 

Southwest Royalties, Inc., Nannie May 342, Yoakum, recompletion. 

Summit Petroleum, LLC, Racheal 8, Upton, new drill; Racheal 9, Upton, new drill. 

Surge Operating, LLC, Clark Wood Ranch, Crosby, new drill (3); Middleton Unit B 47-38, Howard, new drill. 

Tall City Operations III, LLC, Conger 185-184 Unit D, Reeves, new drill. 

Tejas Permian Operating, LLC, Tejas Glaze 8, Martin, new drill; Tejas Glaze 13, Martin, new drill; Tejas Glaze 24, Martin, new drill. 

Texland Petroleum, LP, Twilight, Andrews, new drill. 

Unitex Oil & Gas, LLC, Howe, Winkler, new drill. 

Velocity Water Solutions, LP, 1450 SWD, Reeves, new drill. 

Walsh Petroleum, Inc., Pharr A 309, Yoakum, new drill. 

WPX Energy Permian, LLC, CBR 6-7G-56-1, Loving, new drill; CBR 6-7H-56-1, Loving, new drill; Lizzy 26, Loving, new drill; North Rudd Draw 22, Loving, new drill. 

XTO Energy, Inc., Blalock 1309, Glasscock, new drill; Blalock 1319, Glasscock, new drill; Donald L. Hutt Fee Dean, Midland, field transfer; Means San Andres Unit, Andrews, new drill; San Saba 76 2932, Loving, new drill (3); Santa Barbara 76-27, Loving, field transfer; Zant 3829, Glasscock, new drill. 


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