• February 25, 2020

DRILLING REPORT: Jan. 30 through Feb. 5 - Odessa American: Permian Basin Drilling Report

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DRILLING REPORT: Jan. 30 through Feb. 5

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Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2020 12:00 am

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 30 through Feb. 5 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Amtex Energy, Inc., Miller SWD, Yoakum, new drill. 

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, Bullhead 55-1-22 Unit A, Loving, new drill (2); Heron 54-2-4 Unit, Loving, new drill (2); Potomac 29-2 Unit, Loving, new drill (7).

Blackbeard Operating, LLC, Dorado N, Winkler, new drill. 

BPX Operating Company, Chevy Astro 56-T2-15x22, Reeves, new drill (7); State Cumberland 57-T2-16x9, Reeves, new drill (7).

BTA Oil Producers, LLC, Duck Pond 21910 36-25, Midland, new drill (2).

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co.-Midland, W.N. Waddell, et al, Crane, field transfer (2).

Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Amphitheater A1, Ward, new drill (2); Amphitheater A2, Ward, new drill; Amphitheater A3, Ward, new drill; Amphitheater A4, Ward, new drill; Amphitheater A5, Ward, new drill; Dunkin Unit A1, Howard, new drill; Dunkin Unit A2, Howard, new drill (2); Horton Unit, Howard, new drill (3); Open Unit A4, Howard, new drill; Open Unit A5, Howard, new drill (2).

Capitan Energy, Incorporated, Mother Fee 28, Culberson, new drill (2); Roxanne Fee 46, Culberson, new drill (2); W A State, Culberson, new drill (2). 

Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Allen, Reeves, new drill (2); Highlander I, Reeves, new drill; Highlander J, Reeves, new drill. 

COG Operating, LLC, Amacker 66G, Upton, new drill; Amacker 66H, Upton, new drill; Amacker 66I, Upton, new drill; Amacker 66J, Upton, new drill; Benge, Midland, new drill; Cross Bar Ranch, Martin, new drill (4); Mabee DDA F12, Andrews, new drill; Mabee DDA F13, Andrews, new drill; Mabee DDA F14, Andrews, new drill; Mabee DDA F15, Andrews, new drill; Mabee DDA F16, Andrews, new drill; Rudd Draw A, Loving, new drill; TXL T4, Upton, new drill; TXL T5, Upton, new drill; TXL T6, Upton, new drill; TXL T7, Upton, new drill. 

Colgate Operating, LLC, Curacao 18 Unit, Reeves, new drill. 

ConocoPhillips Company, Blackjack, Culberson, new drill (4). 

CrownQuest Operating, LLC, FR Catalyst FA 94, Midland, new drill; Green Sprangletop E, Howard, new drill (3); Green Sprangletop F, Howard, new drill (4). 

DE3 Operating, LLC, Bigby North A 10-3, Glasscock, new drill (2); Bigby North B 10-3, Glasscock, new drill; Bigby North C 10-3, Glasscock, new drill (2); Bigby North D 10-3, Glasscock, new drill (2); Bigby North E 10-3, Glasscock, new drill. 

Diamondback E&P, LLC, Black Widow, Pecos, new drill; Eldorado State C19-20, Reeves, new drill (2); Line Drive P, Midland, new drill; Nokota 19 DODT, Reeves, new drill; Tornado 104-103 Unit, Ward, new drill.

E R Operating Company, RR-Brennand, Yoakum, new drill. 

Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc., Lily 16E, Howard, new drill; Lily 16F, Howard, new drill; Lily 16G, Howard, new drill; Lily 16X, Howard, new drill; Cowden 32A, Midland, new drill; Cowden 32B, Midland, new drill (2); Cowden 32C, Midland, new drill (3); Cowden 32D, Midland, new drill (2).

EOG Resources, Inc., Link VJ Ranch 35-38 A, Loving, new drill; Link VJ Ranch 35-38 B, Loving, new drill; Link VJ Ranch 35-38 C, Loving, new drill; Link VJ Ranch 35-38 D, Loving, new drill; Link VJ Ranch 35-38 E, Loving, new drill; Link VJ Ranch 35-38 F, Loving, new drill; State Mercury, Loving, new drill. 

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Manor Park, Midland, new drill. 

Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, new drill (2); Sacroc Unit, Scurry, reenter. 

Lakewood Operating, Ltd., Key Reef Unit, Dawson, new drill. 

Laredo Midstream Services, LLC, Taylor 4 SWD, Reagan, new drill. 

Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Gilbert 25-24 (alloc-G), Howard, new drill. 

Lario Oil & Gas Company, Knox 2, Martin, new drill; Knox 3, Martin, new drill; Patton 3, Midland, new drill; Patton 4, Midland, new drill; Patton 5, Midland, new drill; Washington, Martin, new drill; Washington 2, Martin, new drill; Washington 3, Martin, new drill. 

Luxe Operating, LLC, Davis 201-200-199 Unit, Ward, new drill; Emma 218-219 Unit, Ward, new drill; Josh 201-202 Unit, Ward, new drill. 

Magellan Pipeline Company, LP, SP3 CP Well MP 25.5, Midland, new drill. 

Manti Tarka Permian Op., LLC, South Smarty Jones State 29-32, Reeves, new drill (2). 

Matador Production Company, Larson 04-TTT-B02, Loving, new drill; Lonestar 84-TTT-B33 WF, Loving, new drill. 

Noble Energy, Inc., Charles Goodnight 266-265 Unit C, Reeves, new drill (2).

Occidental Permian, Ltd., Bennett Ranch Unit, Yoakum, new drill; Denver Unit, Gaines, new drill (8).

Oxy USA, Inc., Lomax 1201P, Glasscock, new drill; Lomax 3110P, Howard, new drill. 

Oxy USA WTP, LP, Majestic State 51-13-12 A, Reeves, new drill; Majestic State 51-13-12 B, Reeves, new drill; Majestic State 51-13-12 C, Reeves, new drill. 

Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Frances 12-1-B, Martin, new drill; Frances 12-1-C, Martin, new drill (2); Frances 12-1-E, Martin, new drill; Frances 12-1-F, Martin, new drill (2); Guitar South 17-8-A, Howard, new drill; Guitar South 17-8-C, Howard, new drill; Hogan 1-25-A, Midland, new drill. 

PDC Permian, Inc., Argentine State 7170 13U, Reeves, new drill; Argentine State 7170 14U, Reeves, new drill; Argentine State 7170 15U, Reeves, new drill; Argentine State 7170 17U, Reeves, new drill; Argentine State 7170 18U, Reeves, new drill; Elkhead 4144, Reeves, new drill (3).

Permian Deep Rock Oil Co., LLC, Charger H145 Mipa Unit, Midland, new drill; Charger H150 Mipa Unit, Midland, new drill.  

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Arick-Hooper Unit, Midland, new drill; Midkiff W12A, Midland, new drill; Midkiff W12B, Midland, new drill; Midkiff W12C, Midland, new drill; Texas Ten Y PU, Midland, new drill (3); University 10-11A, Reagan, new drill; University 10-11B, Reagan, new drill; University 10-11C, Reagan, new drill. 

Point Energy Partners Petro, LLC, Jim Ed, Ward, new drill. 

PRI Operating, LLC, Darlington Unit 11A, Reeves, new drill. 

Primexx Operating Corporation, Medina State Unit 15-17, Reeves, new drill. 

QEP Energy Company, UL 2539 W7, Andrews, new drill; UL 2539 W8, Andrews, new drill; UL 2539 W9, Andrews, new drill; UL 2539 W10, Andrews, new drill; UL 2539 W11, Andrews, new drill; UL 2539 W12, Andrews, new drill. 

Reliance Energy, Inc., CP Sophie 22-15, Dawson, new drill; JW Cochise 27-34, Dawson, new drill. 

Resolute Natural Res. Co., LLC, Cappleton East Unit F, Reeves, new drill. 

Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, Z&T 20, Loving, new drill (2). 

Sabalo Operating, LLC, Garon 27-22, Howard, new drill (4); Vince Everett 13-12, Howard, new drill (3).

Sabinal Energy Operating, LLC, Syco Unit, Gaines, new drill (2).

Sable Permian Resources, LLC, Woods 211-218 (alloc 08), Irion, new drill; Woods 211-218 (alloc 09), Irion, new drill; Woods 212-217 (alloc 14), Irion, new drill (2).

SDX Resources, Inc., Jeter 34, Dawson, recompletion. 

SEM Operating Company, LLC, Mayer, Irion, new drill (2). 

Silver Creek Permian Op. Co., LLC, Pocahontas, Cochran, new drill. 

Surge Operating, LLC, Middleton Unit A 47-38, Howard, new drill (4).

Vertical Water Solutions, LLC, Green River, Upton, new drill. 

XTO Energy, Inc., Atkins 47-02 Unit 1, Midland, new drill (2); Atkins 47-02 Unit 2, Midland, new drill (2); Charles Midkiff 38-47 4714, Midland, new drill; Jack Mohr Unit 2, Martin, new drill (12); Jolly Jumper 48-21-28 AV11, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 SB8, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 WA11, Pecos, new drill; St. John 76 2734, Loving, new drill (3); St. John 76 2734 TG, Loving, new drill (4).


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