X1® Extends X1 Enterprise™ Platform to Include Dropbox®, OneDrive® and Large Network File Shares

X1®, the global leader in remote preservation and collection software, today announced the extension of its groundbreaking X1 Enterprise Platform to include preserving and collecting data from network file shares and cloud storage platforms Dropbox ® and OneDrive ®. These new capabilities allow X1 Enterprise to remotely capture not just laptop and desktop data – including Mac and Windows – as well as Office365 and Exchange, but cloud and on-premise file share data as part of any legal proceeding or investigation.
Counting more than 500 million active users each, Dropbox and OneDrive represent two of the most widely used cloud storage platforms in the world today. Their low cost, massive scalability and ease-of-use make them wildly popular amongst corporate employees – whether corporate IT supports them or is even aware of their use. For this reason, along with corporate file shares, Dropbox and OneDrive have become key repositories of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) required to be preserved and collected for legal proceedings and investigations. Collecting ESI from any of these sources has been a major challenge for corporations and their outside counsel and service providers.
“With X1, we can index the critical data in-place, search, analyze, and categorize the data right away, experiencing actual insight into the data before it leaves the door of the company firewall,” said Adam Rogers, Senior Forensic Analyst at Complete Discovery Source. “The custodians don’t have to be on a VPN or a single company network, X1 is able to reach out to every laptop and desktop and index the data regardless of whether it’s on the company network or not. It’s an effective streamlined process that can all happen within the course of several days with a one click upload of the collected data to the Relativity workspace saving clients time and money.”
X1’s unique index and search in-place technology allows organizations to remotely process their distributed data in place, in parallel on each machine, without the need to wildly overcollect by forensically imaging the data which must then be taken back to a central location for processing. This streamlined workflow enables X1 to address multiple file servers at once up to hundreds of terabytes in size. Such an innovative architecture also enables fast and accurate search and analysis across large Dropbox, OneDrive and network file share deployments.
“With the release of X1 Enterprise v3.3, X1 has drastically increased the data sources it supports,” said Craig Carpenter, CEO at X1. “Preserving and collecting from network and cloud storage has been very difficult for corporations to manage. With the X1 Enterprise Platform’s support for Dropbox, OneDrive and network file shares, X1 customers and channel partners can now easily and remotely manage a major pain point with legacy eDiscovery collection methods and tools."
The X1 Enterprise Platform is available now from X1 and its global channel network on-premise or in the cloud. For more details, please visit www.x1.com/products/x1-enterprise/.
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