UTPB’s Students in Philanthropy set to award $15,000 in grants

UTPB’s Students in Philanthropy program is set to reveal its 2018 grant recipients with its annual grant award ceremony Tuesday.

The organization is set to award more than $15,000 to nonprofit applicants from around the Odessa area.

The ceremony is set to start at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the President’s Conference Room in Room 2104 in the Mesa Building on UTPB’s campus.

UTPB’s Students in Philanthropy program is sponsored by the Abell-Hanger Foundation, aiming to increase awareness of the value and importance of service to communities through philanthropy. Participating students fundraise through the fall semester, while learning more about nonprofit organizations, then help select grant recipients from applicants through the spring semester.

This year, after the students’ fundraising and a gift from the Abell-Hanger Foundation, the program is set to award $15,729.65 to 11 different nonprofit organizations serving the Odessa area.