TxDOT announces seal coat projects on area roads

Two seal coat projects are scheduled this summer in the Odessa District of the Texas Department of Transportation. Weather permitting, work is expected to begin the week of Monday.

Ronald R. Wagner & Co., LP, of Kendalia, Texas, won both contracts and will be working on both projects simultaneously. One project covers about 265 miles and has a low bid contract price of about $9.5 million. The second project covers about 98 miles and has a low bid contract price of about $2.6 million. Work will be done on interstates, farm to market roads, U.S. highways and state highways.

Each year the Odessa TxDOT District seal coats select roads as part of a program to prolong the life of the roads. Seal coating offers three major benefits, according to TxDOT: it protects the road base by keeping water from seeping in; it seals cracks and stops them from spreading; and it provides a new surface which improves safety.

It is likely that loose rocks will be encountered in the working areas during the seal coat process. Motorists are urged to find alternate routes if possible when work is happening.

Pilot cars and flaggers will be used on the majority of both projects due to necessary lane closures. Wait times will vary depending on the amount of traffic. Motorists should obey any warning signs or flaggers they encounter, TxDOT advises. Slower speeds are also recommended.



  • SH 115 from 1 mile west of US 385 to Winkler County line.


  • FM 305 from Upton County line to Pecos County line.


  • FM 554 from SH 158 to Loop 338.


  • FM 3113 from FM 829 to SH 137.
  • SH 137 from BI-20 to Midland County line.


  • SH 137 from Martin County line to Glasscock County line.
  • BI-20 from West Wall Street to East Wall Street.
  • Loop 40 near Midland International Air and Space Port.
  • FM 715 from just north of I-20 to FM 1213.
  • FM 868 (Midland Drive) from West Wadley Avenue to Andrews Highway (Business 158).


  • Interstate 10 and frontage roads from 0.4 miles west of FM 2886 to 2.1 miles east of US 190.
  • FM 1776 from FM 1450 to US 285.
  • Business Interstate 10 (Dickinson) from I-10 west of Fort Stockton to I-10 east of Fort Stockton.
  • RM 2400 from US 285 to Terrell County line.
  • US 285 from 18.9 miles south of BI-10 to Terrell County line.
  • FM 305 from Crockett County line to US 190.
  • US 190 from FM 305 to I-10.
  • SH 349 from SH 290 to Terrell County line.
  • FM 1450 from Reeves County line to 2 miles east of Reeves County line.
  • RM 2593 from SH 18 to FM 1450.


  • FM 1450 from 5 miles east of US 285 to Pecos County line.
  • FM 3398 from FM 1216 to Ward County line.
  • FM 1216 from US 285 to end of state maintenance.
  • FM 3334 from FM 2903 to SH 17.
  • FM 3078 from I-10 to SH 17.
  • FM 1215 from I-10 to end of state maintenance (4.4 miles).
  • FM 2448 from SH 17 to I-10.


  • US 90 from 2 miles east of US 285 to Pecos County line.
  • US 90 from 7.4 west of SH 349 to 10 miles east of SH 349.


  • RM 2401 from SH 349 to Reagan County line.


  • FM 1776 from SH 18 to the Pecos River.
  • I-20 frontage roads from 1.7 miles west of FM 1927 to Crane County line.
  • FM 871 from RM 366 to end of state maintenance.
  • FM 872 from FM 871 to end of state maintenance.
  • RM 2355 from FM 516 to SH 115.
  • Spur 65 from Spur 57 to I-20.
  • Spur 247 from SH 115 to Spur 57.
  • FM 3398 from FM 516 to Reeves County line.
  • FM 873 from FM 3398 to FM 516.
  • FM 516 (all 11 miles of it).