Traffic signals set to go live on Highway 385, 87th Street

The Texas Department of Transportation issued a press release on Monday morning that detailed recently installed traffic signals at Highway 385 and 87th Street in North Odessa are scheduled to go into full operation Tuesday.

The traffic signals had reportedly been put in all-red flash mode over the past weekend; however, moving to the green-yellow-red operation could possibly be delayed by severe weather. The project is expected to be complete about four months ahead of schedule.

In addition to the traffic signals, left turn lane improvements on Highway 385 were built in a way that is unique in the Odessa District, the press release stated. The left turn lanes are slightly offset from each other and governed by their own signal heads. A concrete median now separates the turn lanes from main lane traffic.

New triangular concrete medians have also reportedly changed how the Highway 385 service roads connect with 87th Street. Service road traffic now must turn right at 87th Street, regardless of the direction of traffic. This improves safety by reducing conflict points in the intersection. The right turns are governed by a yield condition.

Work has also been done to improve drainage at the intersection and allow water to flow under the road through culverts, the press release detailed.

The configuration of 87th Street has also reportedly changed. Now 87th Street has a through lane, a dedicated right turn lane and a dedicated left turn lane in each direction. Concrete medians separate eastbound and westbound traffic.

Reece Albert Inc. of San Angelo and Midland won the project with a low bid of a little less than $2.94 million, the press release stated. This is more expensive than just installing traffic signals because of the road work and drainage work completed in the project.