Repairs scheduled across Odessa District

Contractors will be working in July and August in specific locations

Two routine maintenance contracts have been executed to make key repairs at multiple locations across the Odessa District, a Texas Department of Transportation press release stated.

The work is reportedly scheduled to take place primarily in July and August. The first contract is scheduled to start the week of July 12 in Ector, Crane and Winkler counties. Dan Williams Co. of Austin won the first contract with a bid of a little more than $1.9 million. The second contract will improve 22 small locations and is scheduled to start the week of July 26 in Pecos, Reeves and Terrell counties. Reece Albert Inc. of San Angelo and Midland won the second contract with a bid of a little less than $1.7 million.

Some locations may have increased law enforcement presence to improve safety for workers and to help motorists navigate work zones with better efficiency and safety, the press release stated. None of the locations will take more than a few days to complete, weather permitting.

The locations for the first contract are:

  • Spur 588 (Faudree Road) at both Highway 191 service roads in Odessa in Ector County.
  • Both Interstate 20 service roads at Moss Road in Ector County.
  • Highway 329 and the southwest truck route in Crane in Crane County.
  • FM 1053 at FM 1233 in Crane County.
  • Highway 115 at FM 1232 and South Stanolind Road in Wink in Winkler County.
  • Work may also be done on various locations on I-20 in Ector County depending on how much money is left in the contract after specific locations are done.

The locations for the second contract are:

  • Six short sections of eastbound I-20 near the city of Pecos in Reeves County.
  • Five short sections of I-10 and I-20 near where I-20 splits off I-10.
  • Four short sections of U.S. Highway 90 and U.S. Highway 285 near Sanderson in Terrell County.
  • Two short sections of -10 near Bakersfield in Pecos County.
  • Five short sections near Fort Stockton in Pecos County. They include: Highway 18 near the Flying J truck stop; both I-10 service road intersections with Highway 18; the north service road of I-10 at Seven D Road; and the BI-10 intersection with Seven D Road.