Storm strands motorists, damages property

A torrential downpour that tore through Odessa on Monday afternoon resulted in two semi-truck rollovers, dozens of rescue calls from stranded citizens and reports of damaged roofs, Odessa police and fire rescue reports.

Miraculously, no serious injuries were reported, City of Odessa’s Communications Director Devin Sanchez said Tuesday.

Odessa received a total of 1.8 inches of rain on Monday, breaking the previous record of 1.14 inches set in 2016, according to National Weather Service officials.

Police and fire reported wet, slippery roads were believed to have contributed to two semi-trucks rolling over at the intersection of 866 Farmers Market Road and Highway 302. The separate accidents are still under investigation.

It was also reported that a roof was blown off a building at 21st Street and Andrews Highway and a storage building was ripped from its foundation and landed on a roof on the 600 block of Johnson Ave. No injuries were reported in either incident, Sanchez said.

Police and fire rescue on Monday also responded to 21 water rescue calls, 6 reports on sinking vehicles, 5 motorist assists, 4 electric hazard calls, and 5 traffic hazards.

Oncor reported several outages on Monday but most were quickly repaired.