Landgraf submits letter to ERCOT

Brad Jones is the interim president and chief executive officer of ERCOT.

The following is from Landgraf’s letter to Jones.

Dear Mr. Jones, A few hours ago, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas urged Texans to reduce electric use as much as possible for the rest of the week because 11,000 MW of generation is on forced outage for repair. The release did not provide an indication about what might happen if demand exceeds capacity, but of course every single Texan knows what’s at stake. ERCOT’s Vice President of Grid Planning and Operations is promising “a thorough analysis with generation owners to determine why so many units are out of service.” This statement is deeply troubling and prompts several questions. 1. How do you not already know exactly why each and every offline generator is offline? 2. What safeguards are in place to ensure that maintenance is scheduled in a way that allows generation supply to meet expected high demand? 3. Did these generators have authorization from ERCOT to go offline? Once again, ERCOT is leaving Texans with more questions than answers, potentially fending for their lives when the temperatures are most dangerous. In order to ensure I can answer the flood of questions I’m now receiving from my constituents, I demand pertinent information related to this most recent incident and answers to all of these questions immediately. God bless Texas,

Brooks Landgraf