PSP announces grant assistance for rural Texas counties

The Permian Strategic Partnership announced on Tuesday an initiative to provide professional grant writing, management and training expertise to local governments, school district and non-profits in rural West Texas counties to strengthen their ability to successfully compete for state, federal and private grant programs in a press release.

The press release stated that the PSP will provide $250,000 in funding to support the program. Eligible rural counties include: Andrews, Crane, Culberson, Gaines, Glasscock, Howard, Martin, Loving, Pecos, Reeves, Upton, Ward, Winkler and Yoakum.

The PSP has contracted with Resource Match LLC to serve as the grant writing and administration consultant for the initiative.

Resource Match is a group of strategic planning and grant-writing consultants focused on small communities. The team helps organizations focus priorities, find available resources and realize their vision.

PSP funds will support eligible grant applications in the five PSP areas of focus: public education, housing, healthcare, road safety and workforce development.