Proxy Advisory Firm Glass Lewis Recommends Pluralsight Shareholders Vote Eminence’s Gold Proxy Card “Against” Proposed Transaction With Vista Equity Partners

Eminence Capital, LP (“Eminence”), the beneficial owner of approximately 6 million shares of Class A Common Stock of Pluralsight, Inc. (“Pluralsight” or the “Company”) (NYSE: PS), representing approximately 4.85% of the Company’s outstanding shares, today announced that Glass, Lewis & Co., LLC (“Glass Lewis”), one of the nation’s leading independent proxy advisory firms, has recommended that Pluralsight shareholders vote the GOLD proxy card AGAINST the proposed transaction with Vista Equity Partners at the Company’s Special Meeting scheduled for March 2, 2021. Glass Lewis’s recommendation follows Institutional Shareholder Services Inc.’s (“ISS”) recommendation that Pluralsight shareholders VOTE AGAINST the proposed transaction.
Ricky Sandler, Eminence’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, said, “We are pleased that the two leading proxy advisory firms, ISS and Glass Lewis, recognize that Pluralsight conducted a flawed sales process resulting in a transaction that deprives shareholders of substantial potential future value creation. We encourage all shareholders to follow ISS’s and Glass Lewis’s recommendations to vote the GOLD card against the proposed transaction.”
In making its recommendation, Glass Lewis* noted:

  • “We find significant cause for concern with certain aspects of the sale process that lead us to believe it was not as thorough and robust as the Company claims and that cause us to question the effectiveness of the outcome for Pluralsight shareholders.”
  • “The proposed transaction appears to have been accepted by the transaction committee and the board without giving sufficient weight to the potential benefits of Pluralsight continuing as a stand-alone entity, including given the highs at which Pluralsight shares traded in the months prior to commencement of the sale process, including closing above $22 per share as recently as August 5, 2020, and given management’s optimistic statements regarding the Company’s growth prospects prior to commencement of the sale process.”
  • “We question whether the board has taken sufficient steps to safeguard against potential conflicts of interest and to ensure independence in the sale process.”
  • “We believe the change of control payment associated with the [Tax Receivable Agreement] represents a material factor that could have deterred other parties from bidding and, without the knowledge that it could or would be negotiated to significantly reduce the amount of the payment, we do not believe the sale process provided a reasonable opportunity for alternative parties to make competitive bids on the same footing as Vista.”
  • “We believe Eminence and Akaris make a reasonable case that the proposed transaction undervalues the Company based on peer trading multiples and multiples paid in precedent transactions. In our view, the trading multiples of peer companies with similar growth and margin profiles as Pluralsight can be used to justify a significantly higher valuation for the Company.”
  • “Given that the Company went on to achieve actual Q4 2020 billings growth of +18%, we believe the guidance provided on November 5, 2020 likely had the impact of artificially depressing the share price, and we question using implied premiums based on this depressed share price as the basis for supporting the proposed transaction.”
  • “We find that the sale process appears to have favored Vista over other potential buyers and did not provide alternative parties with a reasonable opportunity to submit proposals on the same timeline and with the benefit of the same information that was available to Vista. Given its numerous shortcomings, we question whether the process succeeded in achieving the more favorable offer available for Pluralsight shareholders.”
  • “We do not believe the proposed purchase price provides fair or compelling value to Pluralsight shareholders, including based on the implied market premium and valuations implied by peer trading multiples and multiples paid in precedent transactions.”
  • “We do not believe the proposed transaction is fair to Pluralsight shareholders and, in the absence of improved offer terms, we believe shareholders would be better served by rejecting the proposed transaction and the Company continuing on a stand-alone basis.”

*Eminence has neither sought nor obtained consent from Glass Lewis to use previously published information in this press release.

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Important Information
Eminence Capital, LP (“Eminence”) and Ricky C. Sandler (collectively, the “Participants”) have filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) a definitive proxy statement and accompanying form of GOLD proxy to be used in connection with the solicitation of proxies from the shareholders of Pluralsight, Inc. (the “Company”). All shareholders of the Company are advised to read the definitive proxy statement and other documents related to the solicitation of proxies by the Participants, as they contain important information, including additional information related to the Participants. The definitive proxy statement and an accompanying GOLD proxy card will be furnished to some or all of the Company’s shareholders and is, along with other relevant documents, available at no charge at as well as on the SEC website at
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