Pfluger calls for investigation

Congressman-elect August Pfluger vowed Thursday to support an election challenge to the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presumed general election victory over Donald Trump, which would make Biden the next U.S. President effective Jan. 20.
Pfluger, who will be sworn into office Sunday, said a thorough investigation of possible election fraud is needed before Biden is officially declared president. The U.S. House of Representatives will reconvene Jan. 6 to vote whether to officially ratify election results.
“For our democracy to function everyone must trust in it and millions of Americans right now do not,” Pfluger said. “We must give the American people a full debate on all matters related to the election and the constitutional issues at hand.
For four years Democrats colluded to tear the country apart and question the legitimacy of our democracy – they surrendered any ground to complain about a legitimate process to assess election disputes.”
Pfluger declined to say whether he believes election fraud cost Trump a victory or whether he believes there is enough support to halt the confirmation of Biden in the Democrat-controlled House. Most political experts have predicted the challenge will fail.
“This country’s democracy process is seen as the gold standard throughout the world,” Pfluger said. “For democracy to work it must be trusted, and right now that’s not the case.”