Odessa Crime Stoppers, ECISD Police unveil new UTV, trailer

Odessa Crime Stoppers and Ector County Independent School District Police unveiled two new tools to be used at their disposal.

However, each agency will implement the tools — UTV and trailer — in different ways.

Odessa Crime Stoppers plans to use the UTV and trailer that are wrapped in Odessa Crime Stoppers and ECISD Police decals as a marketing tool.

“We will be using it in parades, community events and school events,” Odessa Crime Stoppers spokesperson Susan Rogers said. “We are always looking for something innovative and new to make sure people realize what Crime Stoppers is and how to use Crime Stoppers.”

ECISD Police Lt. Jeff Daniels said the department can utilize the UTV and trailer for a variety of scenarios and use it to assist other law enforcement agencies.

“We are very excited for what it brings to the law enforcement community in our area,” Daniels said. “They are tools that we can deploy in rural areas for natural disasters or search and rescue or fugitive apprehension. This is something that any law enforcement agency in our area can call upon and we can deploy to them for assistance.”

The UTV and trailer became possible through donations from six businesses — Union Pacific Railroad, Well Foam Inc., Benro Pump and Supply, 3S Services, Blakely Oilfield Maintenance and Construction and 4WheelParts.

Rogers said the plan to add the UTV and trailer had been in the works for about a year. The trailer has a trauma kit and Automated External Defibrillators. The trailer will also have doors put on it and light.

The Odessa Crime Stoppers spokesperson said she couldn’t put an exact number of how much the UTV, trailer and wrapping both in decals costs, but added that these additions wouldn’t have been possible without the donations from the local companies.

“It’s more than what we would have been able to do,” Rogers said. “That’s why we are so excited and glad that these donors came together for us and made it possible, because it wouldn’t have been possible any other way.”

Ryan Rosa, senior supervisor of public safety for Union Pacific Railroad, said the donation came after Odessa Crime Stoppers applied for a nonprofit grant. According to its website, Odessa Crime Stoppers was formed as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in May 1983.

Rosa said Union Pacific has worked with Odessa Crime Stoppers in the past and the railroad looks forward to continuing that relationship in the future.

“We take pride in that we get to have these partnerships with our communities and our local organizations,” Rosa said. “It means a lot to us.”