Fueled by drugs and alcohol, Odessa’s Robert Ceniseros’ life spiraled out-of-control for years until his troubles earned him a 10-year prison sentence.

In 2006, he was released early from prison for good behavior. He was determined to turn his life around.

“When I was in prison, I read the Bible and attended Bible study classes,” Ceniseros, 53, said. “I knew when I got out, I wanted to do something to bring praise to God’s name, but I wasn’t sure what that mission would be.”

After his release, Ceniseros saved enough money and purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle — a dream he had carried since childhood.

The Harley Davidson of Raza Style Siempre motorcycle club president Robert “Road King” Ceniseros sits parked outside of Ajuua’s Mexican Restaurant during a fundraising event Tuesday evening in Odessa. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

Now a proud Harley owner, he began attending biker events and meeting others who shared the same morals and ethics.

For the first couple of years the small, but growing group would get together for road trips and family gatherings, Ceniseros said.

“But then God put it in my heart that we could do some good together and help the community,” Ceniseros said.

The members of the motorcycle club Raza Style Siempre pose for a group photo before the start of a fundraising event Tuesday evening at Ajuua’s Mexican Restaurant. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

One year ago, the group of now 15 members, officially christened themselves Raza Style Siempre, a community-centered motorcycle club.

The club’s name comes from the low-rider-style bikes that they ride, which feature high handle bars, spoke wheels and fish tail exhaust systems.

During the past year, the club has organized numerous community fundraisers, focusing primarily on helping organizations that benefit youth and women.

From left, Raza Style Siempre motorcycle club members Crystal Camunez, Tammy Martinez and Kiesha Alvarado talk around their motorcycles during a fundraising event Tuesday evening at Ajuua’s Mexican Restaurant. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

“They are a great group; friendly and so happy to help,” said Valerie Slater, former director of Pink the Basin, a support group for women with breast cancer. “Last year we had to cancel our biggest fundraiser because of COVID.

“They approached us and asked if they could do a fundraiser for us. They ended up raising more than $5,000 for our group.”

The club has also raised money for many other local organizations, including Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center, Boys & Girls Club of Odessa, the YMCA and High Sky Children’s Ranch Inc. in Midland.

Ceniseros, who serves as the bike club’s president, is quick to point out that the club isn’t a one-man show. Each member is very involved and passionate about their efforts. Bike club family members are often involved in the group’s community efforts.

Members of the motorcycle club Raza Style Siempre and other clubs gather for a fundraising event Tuesday evening at Ajuua’s Mexican Restaurant. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

Despite their loyalty to their club, the group agrees that their priorities are “God comes first, family second, job third and the club last.”

“We all realize that we need to keep the right perspective about the things we do and how we live our lives,” Ceniseros said.

“The reason we try to help people isn’t about self-gratification,” he said. “It’s about helping others.”

In his spare time, Ceniseros, who works as a health, safety and environment coordinator for Crosby Energy Services, counsels’ drug and alcohol addicts.

“I was one of the less fortunate kids growing up,” Ceniseros recalls. “We were lower income; my father was an alcoholic. It was a difficult childhood.

“In prison, I realized I had hit bottom and it was time to take responsibility for myself. I realized that I couldn’t keep blaming my dad for my bad decisions. I couldn’t blame the system or my friends.”

It’s been a long path to redemption, admits Ceniseros, who chose “Road King” as his biker nickname. Despite the moniker, he makes it clear; the real king for him is Jesus Christ.

For more information about the club, email Ceniseros at ceniserosrobert3503@gmail.com.